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How to have a good phone interview

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

More than ever companies are using a phone interview to screen and solidify their interest in a candidate. You must now make a first impression over the phone AND during your in-person interview!

Here are 4 tips to help you perfectly nail your phone interview and move on to the in-person interview!

  • Recruiters and hiring managers not only listening to your responses on the phone interview but they also listen to nonverbal cues as well. Make sure you are in a quiet area with no distractions.    

  • Print your resume and the job description. Using your resume as a guiding tool, make notes of a time you’ve performed each job requirement on the job description. This will help you to answer questions clearly, concisely, and with confidence.

  • Confirm the phone interview via email and attach the latest version of your resume the day before the actual interview. This new version should be updated and highlight specifically how you fit for that particular job description.    

  • Take the call in a location that has good strong reception. If possible, use a landline.     

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