Think Act Speak Confidently LLC is  Life Coaching and Consulting service provider. Our vision is to collaborate with clients in a thought-provoking & creative process that motivates them to maximize their personal and professional potential. We provide Coaching, Website Design, Social Media Management, Business Start-up, Career Development, Resume & Cover Letter Writing, and Consulting Services. We believe that having the right mindset of thinking, acting, speaking confidently is essential in pursuing a career, crushing your goals, having a positive mindset, fulfilling your purpose, and following your dreams. We Aspire to Inspire!



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Meet Your Life Coach


I'm Tamella Chree a certified life coach, web designer, entrepreneur, 

family-centered coach, and mother of a handsome teenage son. 


Professionally, I'm a social service leader who works closely with individuals, families, and youth from various communities throughout Chicago. I help individuals progress from one phase of their lives to another. Spending over two decades in various professional roles that require constant interaction with the public, I have grasped the importance of marketing, clarity, branding, positive communication, confidence, and interpersonal skills. These proficiencies help businesses grow, increase revenue, visibility and individuals grow into their true selves, reaching their full potential. I believe professional and personal growth not only can coexist but thrive simultaneously.

I currently spearhead a grass-root project dedicated to ending hunger and homelessness while empowering and encouraging people to practice kindness in their everyday lives.


My mission is to invigorate and empower women to align their purpose with passion by maximizing their full potential. I desire to see women Think Act Speak Confidently, walk boldly in their brilliance, and GOD Given Authority! #AspireToInspire


As a life coach, I specialize in confidence, career, mindset, and transition coaching. 


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