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Hi there!


I'm Tamella, a Web Designer, Brand Strategist,

Certified Life Coach, mother of a handsome teenage son,

and CEO of Think Act Speak Confidently LLC. 

I create high-converting brands for women entrepreneurs &

organizations through stunning web design and visuals that

increase brand recognition and revenue.


As a highly skilled and compassionate life coach, I am dedicated

to helping individuals achieve their personal and professional

goals. My approach to coaching is centered around

empowering my clients to overcome any obstacles that may be

hindering their success and growth. Through a combination

of insightful guidance, practical tools and strategies, and a

supportive environment, I help my clients tap into their full

potential and take their lives to the next level. Whether you're

looking to build your confidence, improve your emotional

well-being,  or reach new heights in your career, I am here to help

you make it happen.   


I am also embarking on a new venture by starting an organization dedicated to alleviating hunger and homelessness in our communities through promoting and encouraging acts of kindness. As the spearhead of this grassroots effort, the goal is to empower individuals to incorporate kindness into their daily routine and

inspire them to create a positive impact in their community.

Think Act Speak Confidently LLC is your solution for all your web design and branding and design needs. Our expertise in custom web sites combined with our brand coaching  regarding services and business consulting services make us a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and organizations. Our vision is to simplify the design process for our clients, and take the stress out of it.

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