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Social distancing fun for children!

Remember the song by Cyndi Lauper Girls just wanna have fun? Well, Kids just wanna have fun! Even in the midst of a pandemic.

The number of children getting for CoVid 19 is increasing, and schools are re-opening (or going fully remote). Our children still want to have that connection with their friends. School not only a learning institute, it is where our children socialize, communicate, interact, and have fun with their peers. As parents, we want our children to be safe and have fun. Below are five options on how children can socially distance and still have fun during the pandemic.

  1. Have a virtual slumber party. Use Zoom or Google meets or any virtual meeting platform to have a slumber party. Send out the invitations to their friends with the access code and allow you kids to interact with their friends. Fix their favorite foods and snacks. Make it fun for them! 

  2. Game night online with friends. Grab a headset set and controller and allow them to play their favorite video game with their friends (this one is my son's personal favorite). Or have a virtual game night of Bingo, Family Feud, Charades, Pictionary, and the LOGO game on Zoom, Facetime, Facebook or Google Meets.

  3. Virtual Dance Party. Make a playlist send it to everyone get on Zoom, Facebook Live (invite only the people you want at the party) play the music and dance. You can make it a friendly competition by seeing who can make the best dance routine for TikTok. 

  4. Drive-in Movie night with friends. Each family goes to the Drive-in movie theater, park their cars next to each other, and watch the movie together. To make it more fun, children can text each other during the movie or Marco Polo little videos and messages. Don't forget the snacks!

  5. Homework Circle with friends. Children have their own safe space to help each other with homework (virtually). This is a fun way to help each other with homework, bounce ideas and strategies off one another, and provide additional help or resources. Make it fun by adding snacks and music, or having them discuss a hot topic for the day or show and tell. 

I hope these ideas help. Let us know how you are practice social distance and still have fun in the comments below! 

Pssssss.... These options can be for adults too! 🤫 Shhh. Don't tell the kids.

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