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Confidently Me...

Today's blog post is about Me. Let me start by saying excuse this post for not being properly formatted, incomplete sentences, or politically correct. Blah Blah Blah... I just want to be real with you and talk to you like we are face to face. 

So let's start with the basics. I'm Tamella, mother of one, Family-Centered Coach at my 9-5 job, entrepreneur, and a life coach to women who need help with maximizing their potential. I'm sharing my story for two reasons:


1. It's a relatable story amongst women especially mothers because we all have similar stories or experiences. 

2. I want to help the next mother who's stuck, get unstuck.

For many years I was stuck! Stuck in mommy mode and stuck in life. I had no goals and aspirations. I was the best mom, but I was not the best ME. I made sure my son's needs were met, I made sure he didn't lack anything, but I neglected myself and my needs in the process. Before I knew it, a decade had gone by, I was approaching 40, and I didn't have a clue or a goal. (let's pause right here)

During this time, I would be the first person to say life coaches or coaching was dumb. Little did I know I was the person who needed it the most.  

Let's roll...

Forty came and gone. I slowly started changing. I finally got a chance to travel and started doing more for myself. I could dream again. I can remember in my 30's my only goal was to make it to the '40s because my son will be a teen and going into adulthood, we could do more, we could travel, and I could do more for myself without feeling guilty (mommy guilt is real and it ain't no joke, but that's another blog post in itself). 

My job went from case management services to family-centered coaching and that's when I realized two things: 

  1. I needed a life coach. I needed help with creating a vision, setting goals, and reaching my full potential.  

  2. I was already coaching. I have been coaching my families (clients) for years and didn't realize it. And I was very successful at it too!  

As another year rolled by, I changed my mindset and how I perceived things. Now I'm setting goals, writing things down (so I could see it manifest), and I removing fear from my life. Fear will paralyze you in ways you could never imagine. Fear paralyzed me for a long time. I realized some of it was generational curses, poverty thinking, negative thoughts, and guilt which all stemmed from fear in some sort of way.

My goal is to help mothers (or women in general) who are stuck, so here are a few things I did to get out of that rut and a few suggestions I would pass on to the next person who's in the same predicament. Side Note: I found out married women have similar experiences because they lose themselves in their marriage, so this is for all women that are stuck.

  1. Get a life coach. A life coach can help you by assisting you with creating strategies for you to accomplish your goals, hold you accountable, and help you maximize your potential. This is one of the quickest ways you can go from stuck to unstuck. It's OK to get a little help. Some of us need that push and accountability. 

  2. Remove FEAR. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. What would you do if you weren't fearful or scared? Fear will have you stuck forever. Fear will keep you from embracing your full self and all your gifts. Start by just starting, start with doing something you are scared to do. Once you do it, it builds your confidence.

  3. Change the way you think. It's a mindset thing. I'm a firm believer in if you change your mindset you can change your life. I started with mind dumps, daily positive affirmations, and then setting smart goals. Mind dumps remove all the negative thoughts and energy, positive affirmations train your mind to believe you can do anything, achieve anything and be anything, and smart goals were specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely goals I set for myself.

  4. Act like what you want to possess. This is preparation for what's to come or what you want to become. 

  5. Speak it, so it will manifest. Put it out there in the atmosphere. Speak it into existence, Sis.

Lastly, I couldn't do anything without my savior Jesus Christ. God has been really working on me and through me. I am becoming ALL that he created me to be and I'm walking in my God-given authority.

So that's it, a little bit of my story. I am brave, smart, funny, witty, and CONFIDENTLY ME. Daily I strive to THINK, ACT, SPEAK CONFIDENTLY! 

If you are a mom that's stuck and needs help with creating, setting, and accomplishing your goals, allow me to help you maximize your potential so you can walk in your god-given authority! Remember, the 1st step is to start. Book a coaching session(s) today.

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This was amazing. You should publish this on your media platforms. It will help someone for sure!

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