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Hi there!

I'm Tamella Feemster, a Certified Life Coach, Web Designer,

Entrepreneur, mother of a handsome teenage son,

and CEO of Think Act Speak Confidently LLC. 

I help single mothers recognize and overcome the barriers that

keep them from thriving and create high-converting brands for

women entrepreneurs & organizations through stunning web

design and visuals that increase brand recognition and revenue.

I currently spearhead a grass-root project dedicated to ending

hunger and homelessness while empowering and

encouraging people to practice kindness in their everyday lives.

Think Act Speak Confidently LLC is  Life Coaching

and Consulting service agency. Our vision is to collaborate with

clients in a thought-provoking & creative process that motivates

them to maximize their personal and professional potential. We

provide Coaching, Web Design, Social Media Management,

Business Start-up, Consulting, Branding & Rebranding services.  


Our services consist of:

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Business Start-up

  • Strategy Call

  • Custom Website

  • Blogs

  • Podcast

  • Social Media Management

  • Brand Asset

  • Brand Identity