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Launch with Confidence

Transform your brand and captivate your audience with our Launch with Confidence package!

This comprehensive solution includes all the essential components of a successful brand - identity, design, and assets. Our stunning design and clear messaging, combined with conversion-driven strategies, will position your brand for long-lasting and consistent success. Don't wait another day to transform your brand and captivate your audience. Invest in our Launch with Confidence package now!

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Think Act Speak Confidently LLC is a two-part agency that provides both web design and life coaching services. Our web design branch is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and organizations with custom web designs that elevate their brand recognition and drive revenue growth. We offer branding, design, and business consulting services, making design work a stress-free experience for our clients.

In addition, our life coaching services offer women the tools and guidance needed to build confidence and achieve their personal and professional goals. Our certified life coach serves as a mentor, empowering clients with the skills and strategies necessary to take their lives to the next level. Join us at Think Act Speak Confidently LLC and let us help you reach your full potential. 


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Are you feeling stuck and ready for a change in your life?

Then it's time to take action! My life coaching services are designed to help you break down obstacles, improve your confidence, mindset, and navigate through life transitions with ease. With my support, you'll be able to reach your full potential and achieve the life you've always desired. Don't wait any longer to invest in yourself! Book your appointment today and let's work together to make your goals a reality."


"Professional, Proactive, and Passionate are characteristics I use to describe every interaction I've experienced with Tamella, who defines her brand Think Act Speak Confidently. We set realistic timelines, but most importantly, Tamella was available to answer and address questions.  You can try to explain to someone what you are looking for, but it is different when that person has a natural discernment for their clients. Tamella is discerning of her client's needs. She honestly did more than create and design my website; Think Act Speak Confidently created a storyboard that allows every visitor to experience who I am as a professional while incorporating my personal standards and flare. You are a BAD SISTA XOXO"

Mary F 

I am grateful for all that I have.

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